About Me

Hello!  My name is Kristen, and I write Kristen, Sweetly. I am 26, vegetarian, and live in New Jersey. I started blogging in August 2010. I try to find something sweet to dwell on every day, which usually includes a lot of food. I am a dreamer, a liberal, a lover, and a Gemini. I’m working on being less of a perfectionist… thinking less and doing more. I like good food, beautiful words, wine, photographs, traveling, yoga, movies, quotes, lists, walking by the water, and sitting in the sunshine.

Email me!kristensweetly@gmail.com

I love spending any sort of time in the kitchen – looking through cookbooks, writing, talking over a glass of wine, baking for the holidays, eating… I’m a foodie surrounded by people who generally think I’m nuts to be so interested and entertained by what I’m eating. But I simply can’t help myself.

I got very interested in nutrition and taking care of my body about two years after I graduated from college. I took up yoga, became vegetarian, and started reversing my generically unhealthy ways. I love finding recipes and making them my own, and wandering around the market for new foods to try.

I love films, from great to extremely horrible. The same goes for books. Even after my English degree, I’m more likely to take a really embarrassing young adult novel to the beach for a day than basically anything else. I’m a hopeless romantic. And I’m incredibly clumsy.

Favorite Foods:
oatmeal  |  coffee  |  frozen yogurt  |  gnocchi  |  red wine  |  paneer lababdar  |  chana masala  |  m&m cookie bars  |  avocados  |  sushi  |  garlic bread  |  broccoli in brown sauce  |  peanut butter  |  strawberries  |  grilled potatoes with caramelized onion  |  marzipan

Favorite Movies:
Adventureland  |  The American President  |  Catch and Release  |  Cruel Intentions  |  Crush  |  How to Make an American Quilt  |  Into the Wild  |  The Jane Austen Book Club  |  Junebug  |  Juno  |  Life as a House  |  Life or Something Like It  |  Little Miss Sunshine  |  A Lot Like Love  |  Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist  |  Practical Magic  |  Snatch  |  Stealing Beauty  |  Stranger Than Fiction  |  With Honors

Favorite Books:
eat, pray love  |  the handmaid’s tale  |  love in the time of cholera  |  me talk pretty one day  |  the notebook  |  running with scissors  |  speak  |  the time traveler’s wife  |  twilight  |  water for elephants


So there you have it… for now.  I will inevitably remember I’ve left things out, and sometime, I’ll get into detail on my history and journey with food, nutrition, and health.  Thanks for reading!  🙂

> Kristen


8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. lapiattini said:

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m also a healthy lifestyle blogger in NJ. Love your movie list- Cruel Intentions- wow, haven’t seen that one if forever but LOVED it!

    • 🙂 I’m so glad we found each other’s! I’ve seen Cruel Intentions probably once in three years, but I used to love it so much, I had to leave it on the list.

      I’m always so excited to find other bloggers from New Jersey. 🙂 Thanks for saying hello.

  2. I was hoping to see your favorite books too! But I love your about page…I too love sushi, With Honors, and The American President. We have lots in common!

  3. So, we agree on many of our favorite foods and I’m totally a “recovering perfectionist” haha 🙂

    Excited to read mroe of your blog! 🙂

  4. clearly i need to print out this movie list because you have SO many of my favorites on there that i know the rest have got to be right up my alley!

    stranger than fiction and junebug ❤

    • I was beginning to think no one else had even heard of Junebug! 🙂

      Now I feel like I have to go through my list again and make sure I haven’t changed my mind on any of these. I don’t want to be spreading around a sub-par list. Haha.

  5. I love Life as a House. Such a great tearjerker! And Stealing Beauty. I was obsessed with that movie in high school.

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