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end-of-vacation photos

sea turtle protection area, for the little ones to hatch

biggest maple syrup ever

grilled cheese + ketchup! suggested by the other resident vegetarian. tasted like a mozzarella stick!

modeling for a fudge photo shoot! a legitimate, random, photo shoot.

found biscoff on the ride home

we had to head out on friday so the owner could board up for hurricane irene.  but my car was leaving friday anyway, so i didn’t miss out on anything.

somewhat boring eats today

  • oatmeal with banana and whole foods peanut butter
  • frozen black beans, rice, and cheese
  • hormel vegetarian chili with bread & butter and romaine lettuce leaves

i still haven’t unpacked

the lame eats tonight and small pile of leftover clothes are being deemed acceptable.

i. am. studying! i wouldn’t say i’m “going back to school,” but i did sign up for two classes. dietetic foundations and biology i for science majors. i’m a little apprehensive about biology, but i’m going to insist on happy-thoughts-only.

complete with school supplies (!!!),

tea for studying,

and the first season of friends during blogging to unwind, make sure i stay mellow, and don’t freak out about taking classes.

i’m excited.  i’m trying not to get too crazy planning and over-thinking, but it’s good to feel in-motion, toward whatever it might be.  🙂