i am so thankful for how well we did through hurricane irene so far.

i stayed at my parents’ house last night. we watched many episodes of big bang theory. i went to bed after finding out “tornado warning” didn’t necessarily mean the terrifying things i thought. i slept like a rock from about 11pm to 7:45. i woke up to hear the ceiling fan still whirring, meaning we did not lose electricity.  i’m at my computer, following the current path and feeling a little bit connected.  2 million houses have so far…

two people near me lost power around 8:00 last night. my brother had a huge tree fall in his front yard, which missed my nephew’s room by inches. we are so lucky right now.

my parents lowered the pool last night, so it hasn’t overflowed yet.

they just set to work drying out the basement. there isn’t a solid coat of water yet, but they’ll vacuum throughout the day to try to stay with it as the water table gets settled.

right now, i’m going to make some instant espresso, from the hurricane kit i brought to my parents’ house.  the kit also included books and jenga.  big bang episodes were already here.  my parents had what we actually needed for emergency.

maybe make a couple of eggs. watch the weather channel. and keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers until we find out that irene is on her way out. i hope everyone is doing alright.

random photo for the morning: a comic my dad found that i taped to his door. we’re pretty cute together.  my door got a comic about how much i love alex trebek (which, i assure you, is incorrect).

i still have a little bit to share from topsail island, but that will come later.