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today’s post is going to be a photos-update only.  they mostly speak for themselves, but i’ll throw in a couple details.

the following sandwich was a breakfast sandwich: grilled peanut butter & banana, with a belgian nutella & a cookie spread.

everyone went back in the water, including some on surfboards.

xbox360 kinect games were played long into the night. this included a dancing game, which i refused to play for 2 nights, and then completely loved and played for hours.  this went un-photographed.

more luna pops. a second trip was made today.  2 trips totaling 7 popsicles for me. pretty excited.

i was pretty enamored with amazing things on a walk on the beach. i stood under a pier and watched the water break for a while, and i found some amazing surfers just on the other side.

we just came back from our one restaurant dinner during the week, and i was just presented with a second glass of wine. 🙂 happy wednesday.