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the days are sort of bleeding together, so i think i’ll stick to “parts” from now on instead of days.  also, i figure i’ll just keep posting miscellaneous photos i like.  i have been having an awesome time with my camera in hand nonstop.  my 75-300mm lens has been used more this week than maybe ever before.

we got 4 bunches of bananas, and they were gone in perhaps 2 days.

MINI tour of the house:

breakfast eats were brought from home, and pretty simple: oat bran, cocoa powder, peanut butter, and banana. made more delicious eaten by the window looking at the ocean.

this photo would lead you to believe the weather was anything but 800 degrees already at 9:00 am. really, brian is just sweating away in his hoodie to try to protect his sunburnt right arm.

simple lunchtime salads, too… a small head of romaine with sharp cheddar cheese, a grillers original veggie burger, and light balsamic vinegar

luna pops! i raved about these popsicles because of emily’s trip to topsail last summer. they didn’t disappoint.

i had a sea salt caramel pop while sitting in the store, and a strawberry rhubarb one in the 40 seconds it lasted on the beach before it melted all over my arm. the caramel was my favorite. and a brown sugar walnut is hopefully in my near future.

this is just before we had popsicle juice all over ourselves.

i have to go now. i have a lot to do. things like napping and laying on the beach, taking a walk, eating more popsicles, and doing a little reading.