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i am on vacation in north carolina all week long.  the drive yesterday started around 6:15 am for me.  i was still in bed when i got the “hey, we’re 15 minutes away, see you soon” text.  but i was all packed.

i went the first few hours without coffee, thinking maybe i could nap.  silly me.

i found a canon rebel t2i twin!  benn and oz just bought this camera recently, but oz took photography in college, and is an art teacher, so i was asking her for some explanations during our road trip.

what trip is complete without seeing a statue of liberty…?

we took a route that included the chesapeake bay bridge-tunnel, which i remember being terrified of 6 years ago.  this time, it was fun and pretty.  i thought it was a mile of bridge & a mile of tunnel, repeated 6 times.  i don’t know how i made that up.  we stopped in the middle for a bathroom break, and i didn’t hyperventilate once.  :p

subway for lunch, of course.  we’re out of wawa country, so it was the best option along the road.  we almost gave in and turned around for a pizza hut.

everyone threw everything inside and immediately ran into the ocean.

this is actually where we’re staying.  on the beach.  for a week.  way too incredible.

our first night included a birthday celebration for brian…

and a unicorn, proudly exhibited to everyone.

all rounded out with some snes and mario brothers.