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i made a plan for this week.  it was about food and exercise.

twenty-second history: i grew up more-than-chubby.  i lost 40 pounds in high school.  i gained 50 pounds in college.  i lost it again.  i joined weight watchers because i always struggle when i have fewer pounds to lose.

twenty-second current…sy: some days i have good food days.  some days i have bad food days.  my favorite days are the ones where i don’t think about counting components of the food i’m eating, but enjoy it, enjoy my time with it, enjoy myself, and enjoy the people i’m with.  i’ve not stayed at the specific healthy weight i was looking for.  i’ve reached it once or twice, but always struggle with the same issues and watch my weight go back up.

i don’t mind if my body is happier with a couple extra pounds, but i mind the constant fluctuation.  and i mind not feeling my best.  i know when those few pounds come on, it’s after i’ve spent a week eating poorly, and probably not enjoying.

so i’ve had a few of those less-than-positive bouts recently, small ones, with no great effect on me.  but i wanted to feel good and good about myself before vacation.

vacation: saturday morning, i will be heading to topsail island, north carolina, with 15 of my closest friends!!  or, a great handful of my closest friends, and their large group of friends.  i cannot wait for this trip.

it’s hurricane season, and someone won’t be able to come along with me because the plans were all made several months ago… but there are a lot of Disney movies tagging along if we get stuck inside, and there better be some cell phone reception to alleviate the other downfall.  let me please repeat, though, i can’t wait.  🙂

i’m falling short on the food and exercise plan, but i’m not going to let myself feel like it’s the end of the world.  since i’m not planning on out-of-control eating on vacation (like i’ve done in the past), it’s ok.  it will find a balance.

it was still a good meal plan…

breakfast: 30 grams oats, 3/4 cup water, big scoop of pure pumpkin, 1/2 banana, cottage cheese, & flax seeds.

apple or cherries or pear

lunch: romaine & iceberg lettuce, feta cheese, tomatoes, light red kidney beans, mango salsa, olive oil, balsamic vinegar

wheat toast with peanut butter

dinner: this one was more free-form, but probably with a protein, a whole wheat wrap, a lot of veggies, and some laughing cow cheese wedges.

i like the basic idea because i got a good protein & grain in every meal, and wrapped the whole thing around fruits & vegetables.

i don’t know how this goal slips form my mind sometimes.  ummm, eat the food groups?  done.  :p

dinner didn’t quite pan out, since i had foods i wanted to use before i left…  like vegetarian sausage stromboli from the boy scouts.

and tofu, which i used for a “TLT” (tofu, lettuce, and tomato)… a very poor substitute for the bacon my parents were eating, but still pretty good.

breakfasts didn’t yet finish up the pumpkin and cottage cheese, but only because i had so many delicious cherries to eat.

the lunch salads also went on to be simplified, and include shredded sharp cheddar cheese i found at my parents’ house during lunch.  it turned out even better than i had thought.

i’m all packed (one day early), and it’s time for bed.  i will not get stressed out over packing.  final things go in the bag tomorrow, and then i get to spend the whole night chilling out, being excited, and curling up…  good night!