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i survived my first solo thunderstorm in my apartment!

i made some hodge-podge burritos… turnips, tofu, onion, laughing cow cheese wedges, taco seasoning, and a big flat tortilla.  not out-of-this-world, but they taste pretty good for a monday night.

i settled in to watch ER season 1 just as i heard something rumbling in the distance.  there’s something interest about not having cable.  i don’t know that i’m watching much less tv (it’s definitely reduced).  but i need to consciously decide what i want to watch. dare i say it, mindfully watching tv…?  haha.  this was not what i was thinking about during meditation (which i also did yesterday), but it’s still interesteing.

i settled in with a mug of pero (a la kath), with some sweetened condensed milk (a la ree), followed up by a little bowl of cherries.

i tried to decide what would make me feel cozy and at home, while reading about andie and a cake mailed in from her mama. i decided on my favorite blanket and my mala.

i actively chose not to post, in favor of getting lost in others’ blogs for the night.  it made me feel connected.  🙂

and i survived beautifully for a monday night!  like the brave little toaster i am.