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saturday was the “rock-a-hula” party with my friends from relay for life. it’s elvis-themed in memory of the host’s mama. i don’t see them often, but it’s so much fun getting to spend an afternoon with everyone.

i supplied veggies with two hummuses (hummi….?) and a french onion dip.  bobbi’s sundried tomato hummus is now officially my favorite. this is what happens when you move into an apartment and think you have all you need, and cut veggies in someone else’s kitchen. no bags. still delicious.

fran, her husband ralph, and ele were all there. fran, learning new things about her camera and tasting some dessert, ele swinging away looking at me ough i shouldn’t be taking her photo. (i thought it was too cute.  sorry, ele!)

i had a canon twin!  he has the xti, and takes amazing photos.  it must have something to do with the architect-minded eye, like ashley.  😉

and cute babies! (love this photo.)

the host cooked portabella mushroom veggie burgers, and corn that i heard was delicious. but i was preoccupied with the sweets. best cannoli i may have ever eaten. and even those were overshadowed by the s’mores bars. still somehow i found time to play around snapping photos. fran posted a pretty hilarious one of me trying to be sneaky about it.

we also played the ladder / golf / toss game, and i attempted to toss a football.

such fun all around. today was diner for breakfast and a lot of laying around.  🙂  i got stuck away from my apartment in some really heavy thunderstorms, but luckily there were cozy puppies to whittle away the afternoon with.

soon, i have to start prepping for vacation next week! this week’s goal: absolutely zero stress so it stays fun and exciting. i’m one day there.