this girl stayed up way too late tonight watching the black swan at a friend’s house.  8:00 pm would have been staying up too late, since i also went to atlantic city last night … just because.  if i was a betting woman (which i am not, even though i went to atlantic city last night), i would estimate i enjoyed about 2 hours of sleep last night.  that’s not even a 2-hour nap…  that’s 2 hours cumulative throughout the evening.  awesome time.

in honor of my mild delirium, and the fact that i miss the blog if it’s more than a couple days, i thought i’d share a little late-night link love with you.

interesting health links:

a few favorite blog posts:


goodnight, y’all.  i’ve got a hula barbecue date with fran midday tomorrow, some tennis, some cheer to create for myself, and hopefully a bedtime of pre-dinnertime.  clearly, that never quite works out for me.