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I tried out a new “recipe” tonight. And I have a project to share with you. But the verdict is out on the recipe, so they will both have to wait a little while longer.

Instead, here are a few firsts for me in my new apartment… five weeks in.

  • I ironed! Yes, after 5 weeks, I unwrapped my tiny ironing board and took the cute lime green iron out of the box. My brother Adam talked me out of a more expensive board, and into the little one at Ikea. He said, “How often does anyone iron? Never.” Adam, you were only slightly off.
  • I stopped by my new local-est convenience store! It’s only two minutes from my house. But really, I’ve been finding things at home tot be more convenient (like Ree’s perfect iced coffee). This trip may or may not have been for a quart of milk, to complete my White Russian tonight, in honor of watching The Big Lebowski on Sunday. The Dude abides.
  • I ate breakfast in my bedroom before work. Delicious egg whites with creole seasoning!
  • I set up payment for my first electric bill!  (I know this is not exciting.  But it’s… a big deal.)
  • I got my mom interested in reading Eat Pray Love, and she took out a copy from the library for my parents’ beach trip this week.  (Not so much to do with the apartment and firsts, but exciting, and it brought me to five.)