i’d like to share with you my current workout mix.  it is, to be honest, not a mixed tape, so much as it is a playlist on my ipod.  my beloved ipod nano (from the generation before it became square.  the one instance where it is not hip to be square).

“at the gym” mix

  • blister in the sun, violent femmes
  • show me how you burlesque, christina aguilera
  • express, christina aguilera
  • ain’t no rest for the wicked, cage the elephant
  • bad, michael jackson
  • dance, dance, fall out boy
  • joy to the world, three dog night
  • abc, the jackson five
  • truckers atlas, modest mouse
  • i want you back, the jackson five
  • charlie, ingrid michaelson
  • she has a girlfriend now, reel big fish
  • ban the tube top, reel big fish
  • take me out, franz ferdinand
  • two step, dave matthews band

highly recommended bands

  • burlesque soundtrack (which is not a band, but still tops my list for getting pepped in the morning)
  • ingrid michaelson (maybe not entirely workout music, but she makes me so happy)
  • modest mouse
  • dave matthews band
  • reel big fish (ska from the 90s…?  i was exposed in college, and they remain awesome music for the elliptical.)
  • streetlight manifesto (a possibly much-less-known ska band.  admittedly, they are not on my ipod right now.  but very hyper, get excited music.)

and merely to share a food photo today…

how big is this tomato?!

my dad told us he crawled through the dirt and found it hiding.  my dad lied.  a friend of ours gave it to him (and suggested he take the credit).  😉  i present:

gigantic tomato.

goodnight!  bedtime early to ring in this happening monday night.