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Last night, I discovered that a local diner would make a reuben with a veggie burger substitution. This was both the happiest & scariest news I’ve heard all week. Reubens are one of my favorite sandwiches (clearly, this was a college discovery…), and maybe one of the grossest sandwiches to ingest.

Ergo, this morning was a super, super basic food morning. And it could not have been better.

Black coffee,

and egg whites with creole seasoning.

I don’t know why I forgot about making these. I used to fry up 3 egg whites in cooking spray all the time. They’re the perfect little snack, and creole seasoning makes them taste so good.

{Do you see my new salt & pepper shakers hiding in the back?!  Magnetic love ducks.  That’s right.  Love ducks.}

The rest of the day is turning out to make one of those great summer days.

I went to Whole Foods, where I successfully spent less than $35. It used to run me at least $90. But I’m trying to stick to a set budget to spend each week, so I kept it small. But still delicious. Highlights included freshly ground honey peanut butter. That guy was the tops. Maybe the best thing ever. I’m probably not being dramatic.

We laid by the pool.

I made light veggie wraps. (Romaine lettuce for the outside, roasted garlic hummus, tomato slices, feta cheese, baby carrots, and a sprinkle of salt.)

And now I’m going to shower and head out to go see a boy about a movie. 😉 We’re going to have dinner somewhere delicious (at least, it better be delicious), and go to the movies for Horrible Bosses. I’m pretty excited.


Going off this best-of-summer days theme, I thought I would take a nod to Fitnessista, and her 10 Ways To Make August Awesome list. Mine shall be the following.

  • Take a trip. I’m going to Topsail Island, NC in a group of 16. I cannot wait. Packing lists began a week ago.
  • Clean out my clothes drawers and make a big donation
  • Spring for a couple of new pieces that I love. I don’t foresee any shopping sprees in my near future, since I’m trying not to panic over bills and a rent check every month. 😉 But, a few perfect things would make a nice difference, though.
  • Pre-study for biology class. I am taking two classes this fall. 🙂 It will be my first biology class in, ohhh, 9 years. Still, I’m pretty excited. I want to try to study some basic concepts before stepping through the door.
  • Get more in my head. Meditate again. Do more yoga. Journal.
  • Get more out of my head. Take all that and let it go. Get outside. Go to the beach all the time. Take walks.
  • Have people over for a small housewarming or two.
  • Have something to look forward to. This will be the second class I’m taking: Dietetic Foundations. {Learning about nutrition! Hello.}
  • Make a nice dinner in the apartment (homemade pizza totally counts).
  • Make the Post-It wall bigger.