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Lesson (re)learned this week: I should not try to open beer bottles unsupervised.

It does not look bad, but I assure you, it felt it. And only partly because I’m a big wimp.

(New) lesson learned this week: I can certainly make iced coffee unsupervised. And I may be doing just that every week until forever from now on.

I think this happened by accident. I decided to search The Pioneer Woman since I hear so much about her, and immediately upon entering her site, I was face-to-face with a delicious-looking mason jar.

Immediately, I added sweetened condensed milk to my grocery list. (Actually, I created a grocery list, with exactly one item. Plus ice cube trays.)

Then I set to work.

I used Ree’s recipe, originally from Imbibe magazine, but cut down to an 1/8th. I know. That woman looooves iced coffee. :p

Next time, I’ll use a stronger blend. This one was a gift for my b-day!  Amazing Whole Foods organic breakfast blend (THANKS, BRIAN), but ground a little coarse. And for some reason, I continue to forget that I could grind it up a little more.

Ree’s Perfect Iced Coffee

* 2 oz. strong ground coffee

* 4 cups filtered water

* Mix it all up so the grounds are distributed

* Let steep all night, covered at room temperature (this time was about 10:00 pm – 7:00 am)

The Morning After

* Sift the grounds out of the water, using a mesh strainer covered in wet paper towels (A very small side note from Ree, which I went for since I’m cheesecloth-free at my apartment. I think it worked out fine. A little care was necessary.)

* Pour into mason jar and/or mug of ice

* Add sweetened condensed milk (mine was approx. 1.5 tbsp)… this, for some reason, turns it Vietnamese. And FREAKING INCREDIBLE. I really didn’t know if I believed it. I should have. 🙂

* Have a happy summer morning, even if you’re driving to work