Happy anniversary! I’ve been blogging for one year!

“Thank you” feels pretty accurate, on the blog, for this brand new community I didn’t even know about 16 months ago…  (I also repurposed the cookie cake instead of trying to write two separate messages.  It went to a couple of guys that practically gifted my amazing couch to me, and fixed my precious ’92 Honda when it started to overheat last week.)

I want to wrap up with a little reflection from the past year. It’s exciting to have so many fun things to look back at on the blog, but even aside from that, it’s exciting to look at my last year in general.

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I’m sad to see July go. It always feels like the good months go by so fast.

I heard the quote, “One of those moments that everything is so perfect and so wonderful that you almost feel sad because nothing can ever be this good again.

It feels like I’m generally feeling the opposite.  Things are so good that even on a Monday morning, I go into work not realizing it’s Monday and that I’m usually down about it.  Everything feels so good, it sort of trails into the next days.  July 2011 was definitely a great time. I’m excited for August to be the same.