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  1. i love cozying up under the blankets when the air conditioning is a little too chilly.
  2. i love perfect days spent at the beach. days that don’t start as early as they’re supposed to, but last twice as long.
  3. i love skee ball, not because i won by a huge margin, but because it was 10 minutes more full of laughter, and resulting in a little bouncy ball that i will now cherish at work.
  4. i love 10:00 pm diner trips with perfect egg white sandwiches.
  5. and now i love choosing vacations out of a hat. i have some rewards to use before january. i did research a long time ago, found a few places i’d like to visit… and today on the beach, on a whim, i wrote four destinations down and swirled them around in my big floppy beach hat. we now get to start planning a trip to seattle in november!!!  i’m not going back on it. maybe it was supposed to be seattle.
  6. i love going to bed pretending monday isn’t coming tomorrow, so i can stay on this weekend high for a little while longer. i’m so glad i kicked myself into a good mood yesterday. clearly, it got even better today.