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I didn’t wake up to a great start.

I went to bed at midnight, after a binge of cookies.  It’s a much heavier issue than I want to talk about right now, but I do not say it lightly.  Last night wasn’t as out-of-control as it has gotten before.  Angela has talked a lot about it on Oh She Glows, and it continues to be a small source of comfort for me.  It does feel like an embarrassing issue, as she say, but a lot of people deal with it…

As I said, it’s been much worse before.  There was food left when I stopped.  I think the different I feel today is that I’m able to pull myself out more quickly.  I feel like I’ve taken a step back already.  Identified that I don’t want to be doing it…  And have decided to simply have a good day.  Oh, I’ve made the decision before and it’s amounted to nothing.  But I feel pretty in control of it right now.  it’s not about the food, but as I said, I don’t care to dwell on it right now.

So.  I digress.  I went to bed at midnight, with an alarm for 9 AM.  I “snoozed” for about 45 minutes.  I’m shocked I slept that long.  Definitely needed it, but I guessed I’d be up sniffling all night.  First good thing.

But still, I didn’t feel myself, or very happy, all morning.  So I decided to work on that with some things to get me through and cheer me up.  By 1:30, I was smooth sailing.  🙂

I crossed of the deadlines on Saturday’s to-do list.  I ran behind the times I still had in mind, but I kept reminding myself that it was absolutely ok, since nothing really had a deadline.

I popped a lot of Vitamin C drops yesterday (Halls Defense).  It’s quite possibly all in my head, but I feel better after a few of these babies.

I went to the gym.  I told myself I didn’t have to push it.  I usually don’t exercise when I’m sick, but I took my time, decided on just a 20-minute workout, and I ended up getting my heart rate up to where I like it and had a good workout.  I didn’t overdo it, and I still feel pretty good!  (Cold considered, I feel awesome.)

Free coffee!  I signed up for a “VIP program” at a local convenience store, and got a coupon for a free coffee as thanks.  I sprung for some caffeine just in case, but went for half decaf in my cup.  Usually I don’t do coffee when I’m sick because my heart usually beats much faster.  But like I said, I’m still feeling great.

This afternoon, I read some more of Portia de Rossi’s book, Unbearable Lightness, lent by Fran.  It’s an incredibly well-written account so far.  Definitely interesting to think about being on a somewhat fine line, as Fran said in a post last week.  I think it’s tough to stay central and healthy, sometimes.  If I don’t think about it at all, I could easily fall back into my unhealthy eating habits from a long time ago.  (I think Andie talks beautifully about her thoughts before and after she lost weight.)  I could also err on the side of not enough of a good thing.

But today feels like a great day.  🙂  Not to cut off this conversation early, but I want to keep myself feeling positive and happy.  It’s time to shower and meet Nyssa for some Dawson’s Creek DVDs.  And then it’s time to drive out to meet someone for a nice dinner, and I’m sure  what will be even more of a great day.  Alka Seltzer, I thank you for not letting my miserable head get in the way of my weekend…  I hope.