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I’ve had an abundance of leftovers pretty much nonstop since I moved in to the apartment. They can get really boring, but it’s been so awesome to not have to make a huge grocery trip since I’ve unpacked.  (Still having a little trouble working out the enough-veg-to-be-happy-and-healthy vs. too-much-and-turning-wasteful dilemma.)

Tonight was some leftover whole wheat pasta & a fake chicken patty-turned-chicken parmesan.

And a project!  (An easy, simple, happy one, and the first of a few this week.)

I’ve been referred to Apartment Therapy a few times over the last month. I don’t know what really started the clicking. But duh, I just got an apartment. Why not peruse??

One little studio in Los Angeles stuck out in my head. It was a funky little space, with lots of neat ideas and nice touches all over.

My absolute favorite was this tidbit: a wall full of post-it notes full of sayings and quotes and funny little things.

So I set to work on my own post-it wall.


The plan is to just keep going with the post-its until the wall is filled up.  I have more notes and quotes to write out for the wall, but right now it’s bedtime.  I think I’m coming down with a cold, and I want to do everything in my power to make it go away.