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so my dad followed suit to me this year, and tried to push his birthday as long as possible.  i made it to 9 days.  he pulled off a respectable 5.

tonight rounded out our festivities with dinner at one of my favorite italian restaurants.

{edited to actually include the name of the restaurant!  duh.  saturday night was a sleepy, sleepy night.  what can i say?  toscana, in mullica hill.  no one that i’ve gone with has ever been disappointed.  do it.}

i ate too much delicious food, but have already to-do listed out a sunday that will include revisiting the cross trainer at the gym (for the first time in at least 1.5 months), and maybe a little swimming in this 100* weather.  the weekend should balance out ok, if i can get out of bed tomorrow morning and get myself to the gym!  :p

dinner included: salad

wine coolers brought from home (which I would never, ever choose for myself, but I shared one with my mom to be festive)

and eggplant rollatine.  my mom and i both got this.  it was incredibly rich.  delicious during dinner, but it hasn’t left me feeling the greatest.  that’s the reason for the mild tone…  but i do plan to feel more balanced out tomorrow.

papa posed over his seafood.  i think this was him pretending to block himself from the photo so i could only get the seafood.

the other parts of my friday & saturday were incredible.  i had a great dinner last night, over a bottle of red wine and good conversation.  i lazed around this morning, and had another perfect, happy weekend (even though it’s just halfway over..)

good night!