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lots of random things to share.  like dinner last night…

it was a miscellaneous assembly of really good things!  quinoa, light olive oil vinaigrette, parmesan cheese, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, wilted spinach, and lima beans (gigantic ones, called butter beans… in “sauce,” but rinsed well).

and dinner tonight, which remains unphotographed.  i hosted my parents at my apartment!

the menu:

  • sweet red wine (so mama would drink it with us)
  • salads
  • garlic bread
  • whole wheat pasta (which I simply kept a secret from my papa) with mushrooms (for dad & me), yellow squash & spinach (for mom & me), red sauce, and grilled mozzarella cheese on top
  • strawberry shortcake delivered by my mom from a celebration at work

and surprise apartment-warming flowers!

a very nice night.  and we watched the american president, as usual.  it’s one of the only movies we agree on, and we used to find it on tv all the time.

now, i’ll leave you with a little link love that i found throughout the week.

man says blood center rejected him because he appeared gay…  i understand playing the odds, maybe years ago.  but now, with all the screenings that the do to test for diseases, how could this still be an issue?  and yet, i heard about it from a close friend.  you can be refused for a blood donation (even from the red cross) if you are a gay male.