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Such a fantastic weekend.  I’m starting to sound like a broken record.  At least the record is a ridiculously happy one.  🙂

There were some off parts.  Like starting out Saturday morning by locking myself out.  I was actually just really proud that I had gone such a solid, respectable two weeks before it happened.

And getting pretty awfully sick at the beach today, and leaving mildly weeping about it.  But I think we only would have stayed another several minutes if that wasn’t the case, so not much was lost.  And the morning on the beach was excellent.

No photos from Sunday, as I still can’t bring myself to risk the DSLR getting sandy.  Eventually, the awesome photos will probably win out.  But this was not that week.

Plenty of photos were taken yesterday, though.

while locked out…

while frolicking at a few local farmers’ markets.

and then there’s this great photo.  thanks to fran for letting me steal it.  or at least… letting me after the fact.  😉  i bought a warm apple cider donut from the last market, and was noshing on it out front while pat thought i was sorting through blueberries.  you can see her saying, “is she eating a donut?!”  she was behaving for our sake and skipping the donuts.  hahaha.  whoops.

then it was couch moving!  every single piece of this cozy, gargantuan thing fit into my living room (with a slightly funny configuration).  no bones were broken, and no pieces were thrown down the stairs in disgust.  such a success!

and then, there were blueberries.

did i forget to tell you?  the last farmers’ market sells blueberries… in pretty big boxes.  so i am the happy owner of blueberries right now.  ten pounds of blueberries.  by the pint, you say?  how last season.



i cannot wait to eat my super-sized bowl of fiber one, blueberries, and soymilk tomorrow.  it might just be 10 meals this week.  delicious.