the week has been full of new favorites, and wonderful things all around. if you will, a short tour.

*     *     *

a new, colorful set of bowls, perfect for everything, and heavy-duty (although one has already suffered a chip).

a matched bathroom.

the kindness of everyone keeping me in food until i get settled in and get grocery shopping.

cake and sangria could keep me going for a serious length of time. :-p

for the blog, let’s call this “juice.” juice that tasted awfully akin to “spectacular sangria.” an entire pitcher was gifted to me earlier in the week, and i didn’t want it to go bad!!!

a lovely grilled dinner with mom and dad. i took some tofu and pineapple to their house for grilling, and my mom handled the rest. asparagus with garlic, fried eggplant slices (and glorious ketchup… but only for my slices), and a microwaved sweet potato.

fueled by sweet, adult juice, overcome by the deliciousness of grilling, and covered in ketchup, apparently none of these things were snapped.

my first trip ever to ikea, which resulted in cute furniture and a feeling of accomplishment over easy, snafu-less assembly.  (the tall shelves on the right, home to part of my DVD collection)

and some reminiscence sprinkled in for good measure… freshly enlarged, printed, and hanging around the table.

simple, perfect dinners in my new kitchen. (example one: two eggs over medium, tempeh bacon, and perfect steamed broccoli.)

the weekend is looking to be full of more favorites to come, if that’s possible.  tomorrow is hopefully couch-move day, and sunday might be spent lying on the beach, in the sunshine, napping to the sound of the waves, under my big floppy new hat.