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(one last catch-up post, because i photographed so many things to share last week!)

The weekend was more cozying into my apartment. I went out for breakfast with my friends from Weight Watchers. Cute little diner, and the best part, as always, was sitting around with coffee (and tea) mugs in hand, talking, after everyone had long since finished eating.  (hi, fran.)

bloggin' away.

mushroom & swiss egg white omelet; home fries with onions.

fran & pat.

debbie & me. ❤

This weekend, instead of breakfast plans, we are going to travel around visiting some farmer’s markets near us and loading up on fruits! I’m pretty much nerding out with excitement. Somehow, I’m not getting nearly as much fresh veg as I’d like to in my diet. I know, har-har, what’s a vegetarian eating without vegetables? But I guess, really, just not as much as I’d like. ESPECIALLY at the height of summer deliciousness.

black bean burger with cheese on a salad

of course that's dawson's creek in the background.

chocolate chip cake & strawberries ... with dark chocolate syrup

So… I am eating fruits and veg.  I guess it’s just infrequent.  And I’ve had no semblance of a standard day of food since I moved in.  Saturday tentatively includes some farmers’ market hopping!  So fingers crossed that next week will just be full of delicious fruits all around me.

I might be bidding farewell now to go stay awake another five hours and do something super, incredibly nerdy.  But it’s the LAST time it could happen, so I decided to have a time of it, suffer through a sleepy Friday morning, and have some giggles tonight with my friend Jordan.  😉