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the big move just so happened to fall over a holiday weekend.  i considered being annoyed about losing the holiday, because my brain was elsewhere and i had lots to do.  and then i realized how lucky i was to have three full days in a row!… 3.5 days, if you count my leaving work early on friday after fitting in overtime.  which i do.

i also decided to take a big break and celebrate the fourth with everyone.  i’m really glad i did.  i came back to what felt like too many things to do so late at night.  and i had a small panic on my second night in my apartment, worried i wouldn’t wake up in time for work, and essentially that everything would be ruined.  it was a nice little housewarming that my real alarm clock broke as i plugged it in that night.  :-p  but i woke up to the first cell phone alarm i set.  and i was still almost finished getting situated within the week.  and everything was fine.  like it always is.

a few fine gentlemen took to create some explosions in my brother’s backyard.

but they weren’t dumb, everyone was taken care of, and it was a cute little show.  mostly because of how adorable they were prancing around together like little kids.

monday night i took another long time away from my “getting settled” chores, to go watch fireworks.  that was also a lovely decision.



last wednesday was my first good night’s sleep.  i won’t say that it was long.  and i definitely won’t say i didn’t wake up tired.  but it was just perfectly comfortable.  the night after, my friend melissa came over with a chocolate chip cake, i made us tea, and we sat on the living room floor surrounded by pillows.  the whole thing felt cozy.  and it just so happened to take place 10 minutes after unpacking my last cardboard box.  there are still several miscellaneous things scattered around, but i still really call that a victory.  haha.