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i’ve moved!  it was a big one, and a long time coming.  i gave myself 1 – 2 years after college to get myself settled and my feet on the ground.  and then life happened.  and 4 years went by.  and i remembered how you can’t actually really make plans.  at least not plans like that, always.this adorable little apartment just fell into place.  compared to everywhere else i considered, this one felt like it should be mine.



i got my keys on july 1st.  i cleaned, i organized, i boxed, i cleaned, i moved…  and my whole family pitched in on sunday to get things i simply couldn’t and didn’t want to handle by myself.  someone had a great old tv, to go in someone else’s entertainment center that they insisted on driving to me, 40 minutes away.

my brother had his first kitchen table (from his first apartment, with his now wife) going to no use at all.

and my brother-in-law just happened to have two air conditioners lying around, after moving into central air.

you’d think i was kidding that this all just happened over the course of my first day here.  but it did.not to say that things won’t go wrong.  i’m sure they will.  but so far, no one fell down the stairs, broke any arms, or ruined anything being moved.  🙂

and i’m … sort of … cooking again.



my first attempt at bulgar, with orange pepper, onion, and baja chipotle marinade.  alongside my first taste of tempeh bacon.  and enjoyed over jeopardy at my mom & dad’s.  the tempeh bacon was awesome, and i didn’t even pay attention to the cooking directions.

i’ve got to get back to my next night in my apartment.  🙂  there’s a little eat, pray, love with my name on it.