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it has been a rough week trying to wake up from the wrong time zone.  i’m sure i can’t actually blame it on that, but it has been miserably sleepy.  maybe just a quick recap of yum-yums…  i haven’t been investing much time in cooking, let alone anything else.  but in between yawns, some things have been delicious.

one of my breakfasts earlier this week was an adaptation of bethenny’s brown rice breakfast, warmed up in the microwave at work:

  • 3/4 cup brown rice
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 2 chopped up dates
  • packet of cocoa-roasted almonds
  • stevia, cinnamon, maple extract (!!!)

i have brown rice left over again from lunch today (which was mostly pad thai), so i have a breakfast plan for the 30 seconds i’m giving to prep in the morning.

i had quick snacks like rice cakes, a LOT of fruit (lack-luster cantaloupe–that was still better than no cantaloupe–amazing red grapes, and an apple currently), and bananas with peanut butter (with ingredients like “contains: peanuts.”  i made sure to find one in my stash that didn’t have any sugar added.  it was difficult.)

i also went for some tacos a few times.  the black beans that did not fall down the garbage disposal were put to good use, along with some “waterless”… “high-protein” tofu.  i had romaine leaves, my first taste of havarti cheese, and some crunchy taco shells.

the first time, i spooned it into many, many romaine leaves.  the second time i tried to make a few hard tacos.  i think i liked the romaine leaves…  they were more fun.

and that was basically my week.  i had a great yoga class last night, that kicked my butt just as much as monday night’s pilates class.  as silly as it sounds, i’m really hoping that i can have two more amazing sessions on the cross trainer at the gym this weekend.  we’ll see.  we’ll also see if i have more fun meals to post next week!

i realized last night that it was my first yoga class since i started meditating.  they should go hand-in-hand!  i also realized that since las vegas, meditation has slipped, too.  i ended up doing it all but two days, which is good, but i want to get back to doing it more each day.  maybe if i can ever fully wake up again, haha.  ah well, all in time, i guess.  :-p