today felt long and miserable, but i’m going to take a minute to fish out the good bits.  i want to keep just those with me.
  1. the boring parts today dragged.
  2. on & on.
  3. but in the middle of it, i had a delicious bagel pizza lunch with a friend from work, at the real bagel shop, complete with a veggie / fruit juice.
  4. i went shopping, really excited to find a cute new something to wear, since i’m just about at a five-work-outfit rotation.  every single thing i tried on left me feeling frumpy, and had me leave the store feeling grumbly.
  5. i’m almost sure it was the store’s fault.  i settled on the store i did because i have two gift cards that shall not go to waste.  sometimes i find very comfy things there, but sometimes, everything is just cut all wrong.
  6. i am feeling positive about myself this week, and strong.
  7. i am not being uncaringly strict with myself about sugar (like with juice at lunch), but i am doing so much better than i thought i could.  i had grapes and cantaloupe tonight for dessert.
  8. after my two incredible workouts on the cross trainer this weekend, i want to hold on to this feeling.  i had a great pilates class tonight.  i left feeling like it hurt too much to stand at the sink.  that feeling passed after 5 minutes, thankfully, but i still felt worn out and like it did great things for me.

🙂  there it is.  monday wasn’t so bad.  still really off on sleeping, and trying to get back to normal, so i’m going to go give it a good college try.