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what a lovely weekend.  i’m still adjusting to sleeping again after being back from las vegas.  but i’ve been eating great, and i had two incredible trips to the gym.

i love not having to keep an eye on the clock while i’m working out, like i do before work.  i take my time getting my heart rate up, and find awesome songs on my ipod.  i stayed on the cross trainer for longer than usual yesterday and today, and i kept going until i was exhausted.  it was great.  i know i sound nuts, but i was actually smiling both times, out of breath and really pushing myself.

my only problem going later on in the day is that i always get cramps and have to give up earlier than i want.  i made sure both days to give myself at least three hours since a meal.  yesterday, i had a big rice cake from the amish market, topped with a tbsp of natural peanut butter mixed up with some almond milk.

the afternoon workouts also kept me from wanting to eat at normal times…  yesterday, i waited until we headed out to the winery, and had a fresh baguette with cheese, olive oil, and olives.  they have live music on saturday nights, too.  i feel like i’ll be starting a trend of visiting.

it was one of those nights that ended, and then kept going in my driveway at midnight, with amazing conversation.

today was another great, casual day, which also included a 3 PM trip to the cross trainer.

i wanted nothing but leftovers for breakfast, so i heated up my “sprouted mung peas” and rice from the afghan restaurant.  we figured out the trick.  it is to ask for things a little spicy at the afghan restaurant, and a little mild at the indian restaurant.  i am so excited that we figured it out.  the food was so bland the first time.  and it was perfect this time.

i’m finishing up the weekend now (tragically), with some delicious “overnight” oats, which were not at all made overnight.

in the bowl: tbsp chia seeds, tbsp freshly ground flax seeds, cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/4 cup rolled oats, sprinkle of stevia, spoonful of maple extract (which i just remembered we had).  all topped with some warmed up frozen mixed berries.  heavenly sunday dessert.

i tried to cook some black beans for the week, and they took at least an hour longer than their original 90 minutes.  this was followed by half of them sliding down the garbage disposal when the handle of our strainer broke.

what a win.  i should still have a couple cups of beans, though.

i’m going to get going on the rest of the night.  make a little tea, meditate (since i have accidentally let it go miserably in the last few days), and watch the season finale of shameless on showtime.

i need to take this chance to share with you the cutest video i have ever seen. i was shown friday morning while still a bit delirious from my trip. i laughed for half an hour.


happy sunday.