Back home safe and sound!  For a three-hour time change, the trip was short.  It was pretty fun, though.

  • We had a dinner with some magazine people our first night out, and I made it all the way through.  With the time change, we were basically eating dinner at midnight.  But I was a big kid, and didn’t even yawn my way through.
  • The hotel was great, as usual.  After a room change from the first night–because of the club music that kept me away from 11 PM on, it was smooth sailing.

  • We had delicious Mexican food away from the strip, with several pitchers of ‘cadillac’ margaritas.
  • I walked down “Old Vegas” (Freemont St) with two of my favorite work people.  There was an erected electronic billboard covering the entire street, and a zip line all the way down the middle.  We walked up to the top of the Stratosphere and looked out over the city.
  • I wined and dined some funny characters during our customer function, and got to repay the favor of watching out for someone and getting them safely back to our hotel.
  • Then I got to hang out with some people from work, one of which is actually out of the same office that I am.  The night was really uneventful, and we didn’t find anywhere too fun to go.  But I always have such a great time getting to know people I haven’t had the chance to before.
  • That was also the night I decided to give myself a let in my meditation.  As it were, I got three hours of sleep before I got to wake up for my flight home.  😉

* * * *
So now, I’m trying to get tired and go to sleep.

The sugar-free cappuccino frozen yogurt a few hours ago may not be helping.  It was so delicious, I convinced myself there was a chance they made it with decaf.

(Until a few hours from now, when I’m still not asleep,) it was worth it.  I didn’t realize until tonight that I really haven’t had dessert since I cut back on the sugar.  I was going for 100% chocolate + oatmeal for snack, and fruit, but not really anything else.

I didn’t keep close tabs on anything during the trip, and I avoided feeling run down at all.  But I also had fruit for dessert two nights out there!  I call that successful.

Suffice it to say, the sugar-free, nonfat strawberry/banana and cappuccino frozen yogurts tonight at Spoon Me tasted unbelievable.  I found strawberries, sliced almonds, AND sugar-free chocolate pieces to put on top!  And I realized even with that, I would’ve loaded it up with my weight in mochi, cheesecake bites, and anything else they had up there.  So I feel pretty happy with that compromise, too.  There’s hope for me yet with my miserable sugar addiction!  Haha.

Now if I can just fall asleep and not have another exhausted morning…  🙂