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breakfast this morning was a great (as in gigantic, but also as in delightful) bowl of oatmeal. it incorporated all of the following:
serving of steel-cut oats
splash of unsweetened almond milk
silken tofu (i forgot about silken tofu + oats! fantastic.)
tbsp of cashew butter
cinnamon apples
1/2 ounce of 100% baking chocolate

after another trip to the gym ( 🙂 my second in two days, but also only my second round on the cross trainer in maybe three months), i spent my afternoon packing. it was done grudgingly, and a lasted only a little bit longer than i wanted. i got to enjoy a strawberry smoothie in between, though. i went all out with the berries, since i needed to use them all up before my trip.

Las Vegas tomorrow for work! It’s only a four-day trip, but it’s my first time that far to the west. Exciting!