beautiful friday.  i took a personal day, and it was so, so good.

i started off with half a cup of coffee and half a bowl of oat bran, before i settled in for a little meditation.

after letting myself slow down, and be in no rush whatsoever, i headed out around 1:00 this afternoon.

i made my way to a cute town not too far away, and sat down at a starbucks for a couple of hours.

my soy latte was made with love (thanks, cute barista.  even if you can’t give me any leads on the vanilla powder, since it’s proprietary.)

then i spent an hour walking around in gorgeous weather, with a doofy smile slapped on my face.  it was such a perfect afternoon.

i went in the fun irish & english store.  i got marmite (and really, really hate it so far).  last time, i stocked up on some irish oatmeal with “sunrise fruits,” crunchy sugar, and some english candy bars.  it’s fun to walk around inside, even if the sugary allure is a no-fly-zone for me right now…

and!!!  the juice store was open!  it turns out, it’s probably been open every, single time i’ve sadly walked by.  the entryway is always dark, and i always assumed it was closed.  but oh, no.  they were very open.  and their menu tells me they probably are every time i visit the town.

i spent a long time reading every juice possibility.  i’ve never had the pleasure!  next time i won’t look like such a lost puppy.  (i promise, guy-behind-the-counter, who was even cuter than the starbucks barista. i guess my “day filled with beauty” didn’t have to be restricted to scenery alone.)

my first consideration was the “amino glow”: orange, carrot, and cantaloupe.  but it wasn’t daring enough for my very first juice bar slurp.

instead, after approval from the girl helping me, i gleefully ordered the “amino md”: amino greens, carrot, orange, apple, kiwi, banana, & spirulina.


happy friday!