i’ve been holding on to a few links i wanted to share for an off night.  i would say this is the one!  i went to the good salad bar with my friend at work, since i realized i barely ate vegetables yesterday.  :-p  it was delicious, as always, and then we both came down with awful stomach feelings.  we think there was some very minor food poisoning situation with the cucumbers.  nothing happened, and i think i’m fine now.

i’m also super sleepy from daylight savings!  whoops.  i shouldn’t have ignored that extra hour and watched shameless on sunday night.  i couldn’t toss myself out of bed this morning.  and i didn’t have time to brew coffee!  that was a good decision.  haha.  it really helped the exhaustion.

but i digress.

Key Protein for Brain Function Identified by Scientists

Coffee lowers stroke risk: Is it the new green tea?

Junk Food Diet May Lower IQ

Early introduction to solid foods leads to obesity


it’s time to curl up under as many blankets as possible, meditate, and fall asleep.  🙂