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saturday was a lot of fun. i posted from my phone, and for some reason i don’t have an option to post photos. i’ll recap, since i had already photographed everything to share.

my sugarless oatmeal (with 100% ghirardelli chocolate) was great in the middle of the day.

at the last minute, i decided i wanted to get out for dinner instead of cooking something fun for jordan and me. sushi was spectacular. just what i wanted, and i didn’t know!

we started with edamame (which was a surprise instead of crunchy noodles!) and soup. then i had an avocado roll, a sweet potato roll, and something called tofu skin, from the sushi section. i had no idea what the tofu skin would be, but it was fun to try. it was marinated so it wasn’t crispy from frying (so said our waiter), and it tasted sort of like sake.

afterward, i reached for a fortune cookie. i found a hilarious fortune, and popped the cookie in my mouth. i didn’t realize i was on such autopilot! i spit it out after a few chews. apologies to jordan for being so classy. but i didn’t have the sugar! :-p

then we came back here and settled in with some wine and to watch a movie.

my merlot pick was tasty. i am currently enjoying it again tonight. 🙂

(that’s my mala.)

* * * * * *
after the relaxing night, i woke up for a lazy, lovely sunday. i made a perfect bowl of oatmeal this morning.

1/3 cup rolled oats
1/2 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup water
1/2 banana
big scoop of cottage cheese
& topped with peanut butter powder (made with almond milk instead of water)

i spent the afternoon at barnes and noble, and did a little bit of writing.

dinner tonight was a nice success. it didn’t seem like it was going to be.

into my rice cooker went:
0.75 cup dry pearled barley, rinsed
2 cups water
can of amy’s cream of mushroom soup
bag of frozen asparagus stir-fry medley

it was around 6:00 PM when i threw it in, and it was still bright and sunny outside! happy daylight savings.

i was actually panicked that i ruined dinner, and that the veggies gave off a lot of water. i grabbed a big measuring cup and got ready to pool all the water out. the only reason i stopped was because the soup had mixed throughout, and i didn’t want to waste it.

it took a long time, but i realized halfway through that emily’s oatmeal looked really wrong in the beginning of its cooking time, too.

and it turned into dinner!

this was 1/3 of what the mix made, topped with 2 tsp parmesan cheese, basil, & oregano.

creamy and good.  it actually tasted pretty rich for only having one can of soup, and so many vegetables.

now excuse me; i’m off to curl up with my red wine and my mala.  maybe not at the same time.