My computer is a little bit unavailable, but I am having a wonderful day.
I had a nice weight watchers meeting this morning,  followed by a small breakfast from dunkin donuts–an egg white veggie wake-up wrap. It was half an egg patty on a very small tortilla, but it was delicious, and even though I was disappointed when I opened it, it really was enough. I’d get it again.
After that, I did a few turns on my mala, and headed back out for a pilates class. Excellent class, with a new instructor that was good with the explanations.
I had a delicious bowl of oat bran with a little bit of stevia, tahini, and 100% Ghirardelli chocolate! And I made it through the whole bowl. Thanks to Heather for telling me that I would get used to it. The only other time I tried this, I covered it in milk chocolate chips to balance it out. After deciding to really pay attention to added sugars for the next 40 days or so, I gave it a real try. It was intense. But it was good.  🙂
Now, after a spectacular sushi dinner with my friend Jordan, we are drinking red wine and watching American Beauty. What a lovely day to be thankful for.