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  • Remembering to look for just the good in people.
  • A really, really delicious pieced-together lunch (components including: mango, toast, peanut butter powder, flax seeds, vanilla greek yogurt, wheat germ).

  • Finding happiness again, randomly on Friday night. I think I was sitting on my bed. I might have been watching television. But it just hit me. I have the weekend, I had this beautiful weather, I had papa to watch Jeopardy with…
  • My “giving up for Lent” is sort of lose. I don’t really do this every year, but I figured why not? Bouncing off of Heather’s goals, my give-up involves sugar. I’m not including sugars from fruits and things found naturally, but added sugar. And I don’t know that I’ll be able to do added sugars in everything (like ketchup, etc, until I go through all my labels). I think my goal is to be more mindful of added sugars in things, and do what I can. I denied myself cookies today and ate a little bit of fruit at work. I feel like this give-up is probably more for me than Jesus. But I’ll meditate on it later, and work on something.
  • I made up some sugar-free pretty-healthy hot cocoa tonight. I read over the Hershey’s Cocoa suggestion, and used 2 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tsp Stevia powder, a bit of vanilla, and 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze.  It was pretty intense, but in a good way.

Fittingly enough, mindfulness is one of the big three that I’m meditating on. 🙂 My meditation practice is sort of baffling to me right now. I do have a great time with it, but like Fran was saying a few days ago, my focus is sort of an issue. I was so annoyed with myself during my practice this morning, when I realized I had gone through 1/4 of a turn and been thinking of so many other things I wasn’t paying attention. But it’s a process… as annoying and over-used as that is, it’s typically true.

So this post is seriously lacking food. But this is where my mind is right now. I’m interested to keep thinking about why I eat the way I do when I’m stressed, or tired, or just need a lift. I’m working on figuring out lots of things right now. But I think so far the meditation practice is (at times) keeping me more mellow, calm, positive… So all in all, even if I’m not great at it yet, I think it’s been a really good idea.