i celebrated two awesome birthdays over the weekend.  on saturday i drove over to meghan’s house to celebrate with all of my school friends.  (drove, with a broken something-or-other-gasket, which wasn’t fixed until this afternoon.  because i didn’t know.  and may have ignored the smoke smell.  and it turns out it could have caught my car on fire.  whoops.  but luckily, it all worked out.)  and the party was so fun!

there were drinks made by the birthday girl’s fancy bartender of a little sister (who also created a signature bachelorette party drink for one of our soirees last year).

and a little hair braiding.

we were very engaged with balloons and cling.

and i mean–very engaged.

we enjoyed a bonfire, and a very quiet, awesome chat laying on the trampoline.  well, it started out very quiet… good conversation.  and got a little more rambunctious as we continued on with it.  😉

the night was rounded out with a pinata in the backyard.

and this cake kept me company and awake at midnight while i was enjoying the drive home to my own bed for the night.

sunday night was a big, delicious, italian dinner for melissa with her family.

we lit the candles & sang twice, because the birthday girl forgot to make a wish the first time!  hahaha.

we finished the evening with a little wine + yoga.  excellent.  every weekend should be birthday weekend.