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…this was not. but it was after it was cooked!  bright, bright green in the middle.

i snuck in leftovers of this burger earlier this week, before i even posted the main event! whoops. regardless, it still deserves a post.

this edamame burger from the wishing well, by way of natural harvest market, was absolutely incredible. i didn’t know what to think, and i bought it on a whim.  i never considered edamame as the main bean in burgers; that was silly of me. now that i’ve had this one, though, i can’t imagine choosing to make my own.  haha.

i hadn’t heard of the wishing well before. and the burger patty was pricey, but i figured if it was restaurant-quality, it would still be worth it. deanna told me to bread it and toss it in a pan, so i figured i couldn’t really screw it up.

it was gigantic. and very smushy, so it was easy to cut it into two separate patties.

i coated them in some italian-style breadcrumbs, and cooked them up in a little bit of olive oil. (one for lunch the next day.)

amazing! it was labeled “edamame falafel burger,” with no ingredient list, but i trusted it. i still can’t really describe it. a little spice. great texture (although probably because i love almost every texture)–very soft in the middle, and a little crisp on the outside…  served along with some sauteed french-cut turnips.  and a few helpings of ketchup.

i understand why she said customers were waiting for her to have it in stock again.  i’m sort of jonesing for it right now.

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i don’t think i’ve talked about this other than on twitter, but i’ve started a meditation practice.

i am having an amazing time with it.  i researched sanskrit, mantras, and malas for about a week.  i picked out a bodhi seed mala; i knew it was the one i wanted when i read about it.  siddhartha gautama is said to have found enlightenment under the bodhi tree.  i liked what it symbolized.  then i researched possible mantras for a while before i chose mine–saturday morning, after my mala arrived.

i’ll keep up the meditation practice for 40 straight days, probably longer.  i didn’t have specific expectations beforehand, but it is incredible.  i felt a little bit silly the first time, but it makes such a difference to have something tangible to keep my focus.  my mind is all over the place normally, and i wouldn’t be able to concentrate so well.  i’m cutting myself off from the computer immediately, so i can go practice a little more before i go to sleep.