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i had a gorgeous breakfast yesterday with my friends from weight watchers. unfortunately, all of my great food was very ugly… coffee, oatmeal, egg whites.

this was the only photo i snapped. yes, pat, i have way too much fun with my camera + the mundane. haha.

exhibit b: the wrapper from a halls vitamin c. thanks for the pep talk, halls.

i’ll recap my favorites from the week, since none of them made it on here yet.

non-food favorite photo op–a walk with my mom and dad.

halfway through, i couldn’t figure out why the beautiful red color of the trees was not showing up in my photos. it was because i forgot i was wearing my sunglasses. whoops. my mom suggested a photo fix.

on to the food recap…

lentils with baked potatoes. one of my friends at work found canned lentils, after a lengthy discussion about whether or not they existed. then he gifted me a can. delicious.

cocoa oatmeal. this took several forms throughout the week, as breakfasts and an attempt at swapping junk food with something better for me. this time it was tahini and chocolate chips over a little serving of oat bran.

tofu salad on toast. i forgot about this idea existing until friday night when i wanted something to hold me over all night without having a big meal. it’s basically fastest, most delicious vegetarian swap ever. it’s not pretty. a serving of extra firm tofu, chopped up with a butter knife, and mixed up with some mayonnaise and dijon mustard. i toasted up some incredible new bread i found (arnold health-full), and topped it with a slice of provolone cheese. now that i know how awesome it was, and that tofu will never again go bad in my house before i finish it, i will be stocked up next time with some spicy brown mustard, and some vegan mayonnaise (i have yet to try it).

greek yogurt, wheat germ, crofter’s europe. i went between plain yogurt and vanilla, and had it almost every day for a snack. i was crushed this weekend when i realized i abandoned my wheat germ at work.  but that means i still have some left for tomorrow.