there’s a vineyard close by my house, and i’ve wanted to visit for months. they offer wine tours & tastings on sunday afternoons, catered dinners on fridays, and live music on saturday nights.

aside from all of that, their wine bar is open in the afternoons, were you can sit and have a glass of wine, and look out over the vineyards. the scenery will definitely be much more incredible once spring comes around–i can’t wait to spend more time here.

i thought about going with a notebook and writing, but i decided that would be boring. my parents were up for it! i showed them how to look over the wine list and pick out a few to taste before we ordered a glass. i picked out all of my dad’s, and my mom tried their two sweet varieties. she settled on a glass of diet coke. :-p but she tried!

my dad and i each got a glass of red, and i might have switched his out at the last second; i couldn’t tell which one i picked.

they also have extras to have with your wine, and all of them sounded so good. i was going to get a hazelnut gelato, but realized while we were driving there that i was pretty hungry. we got a chunk of cheese, and a loaf of fresh, crusty, sesame seed bread with amazing olive oil and green olives.

it was such a fun few hours.

and mom & dad humored me with a stop for sushi on the way home. my giggles from the backseat played a small part.