i had photos all ready to go for a couple of posts, and i fell behind trying to mindfully stay away from the computer when i wanted to, take care of myself and avoid a full-fledged cold, and … not bring any negativity onto the blog.  i’ve been in a pretty significant funk through the week.  i’ve been working on getting to the bottom of it, and i think i’m crawling out.  it just might take a little more work.

on to … last saturday!  haha.

~ ~ ~ ~
saturday morning started off with a lovely bowl of cocoa oatmeal, complete with pumpkin and cinnamon apple. it all worked together, i promise.

my problem with adding apples has always been keeping my oatmeal from getting too thin, and keeping the apples from becoming molten hot after cooking for so long. easy solution–cooking them separately. one chopped up apple takes a minute in the microwave to get soft and delicious like dessert.  i am very particular about my apples.  i’m a gala girl.

last week, i got lost looking for a new little market. this week, i decided to park randomly near where it was, and find it on foot. sure enough, there it was. i don’t understand how i missed it! the sign was right on the main road. i must have been caught up with, you know, driving. and also, the quilt store next door… i saw that sign every time.

it was a gorgeous day.

natural harvest food market was so worth the wait. very small, but full of incredible, fun foods!

kale chips, baked lentil chips, brie, hummus, a cinnamon cranberry goat cheese… and the most incredible chocolate i have ever tasted.  really, that’s a big deal coming from me.  i’ve met many chocolates i have liked.  but this taza chocolate…  i don’t even know what to say.  it’s vegan, and only contains cocoa beans and sugar, ground up the old mexican way.  read about it on their website.  but really, just go buy some.  it’s crunchy from the bits of sugar, but in such a wonderful way.  and i’ve still got a vanilla package!