grey’s anatomy night last week saw the pop shop for dinner.

this place is awesome. overrun with kids, but they tuckered out before we did. i’ve only been here once before, and it was probably a year ago.  time to concentrate.

i couldn’t help but order the veggie burger again, even with their page of grilled cheeses. next time.

the veggie burger was a little better last time, but still delicious. little bits of green and orange from all the vegetables, and this time, topped with sharp provolone, sprouts, black beans, mushrooms, and caramelized onions.

we ordered crab fries with cheddar cheese, and i basically ate those instead of my burger.

everything was so good. and my pristine, boxed up >0.5 veggie burger stayed put on the table in our mad dash to get home for grey’s.

it’s ok. my meal concluded with the health food of all health foods. really, i am not making this dish up.

batter-dipped cookie dough balls. no, mama pea, not vegan, healthy, or even baked. these were incredible! i mis-read the menu at first and thought it was ice cream. these were ridiculous. cookie dough is my ultimate favorite food, i think. and it was molten. and perhaps topped with a scoop of ice cream.

i need a few days of temple foods after this… it’s only been 5 days. :-p  i still have time. haha. i just have to remind myself that i don’t eat like this all the time. and may never have molten cookie dough again.