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while i’m still in new orleans playing away, i thought i’d leave you with one of my rekindled flames of last week: cocoa powder.

i go in small spurts with it.  there were weeks when i was simmering up homemade hot cocoa like it was going out of style.  and then it always sort of went out of style for me.  i never really think about it much.

and then i pull it out, and my eating can be altered for weeks to come.

my absolute favorite this week–cocoa oatmeal.

i just remembered that tragically, there are no photos of my first effort.  shucks.  i guess i’ll have to make it again soon.

it was beautiful.  very dark chocolate in color, because i had a slip with the cocoa container.  best slip ever.  i think it was approximately the following —

  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 0.5 tsp stevia powder
  • 0.5 cup rolled oats
  • 1 cup water

cooked up together until thick, gooey, and sort of like a candy bar masquerading as a healthy bowl of oatmeal.  🙂

my second bowl of chocolatey, delicious oatmeal this week was a different take.  we’ll call it —

Black & White Oatmeal

the black (chocolate) and white (vanilla) were actually the same part.  i microwaved a serving of rolled oats in a cup of water with a packet of splenda.  i did it the wonderful way, which really only calls for an extra minute, and which i happily spent reading eat, pray, love.  i think i cooked it for about 4.5 minutes this morning, but at 50% power.  it gives them more time to cook before they explode everywhere.  creamy and delicious.

while they were cooking, i mixed up a scoop of my new vanilla spirutein with about 2 tsp of cocoa powder in some hot water.  i mixed it together, and it sort of got to the consistency of warm pudding.

why would i not have topped it with a scoop of skippy natural peanut butter?  i don’t know, either.