or: shameless dslr love

i don’t think i’ve talked about my new toy at all yet!  well, it was new a month ago.  but that’s still new.

i did a bunch of research a few months ago on dSLR cameras, and then i let it drop…  until a friend at work got one for christmas, and i realized i loved it in my hands.  i went back to my research and found out the one i considered was the one she had, and was still the one i wanted most of all.

enter, the canon rebel t2i (or 550d).

it came with an 18-55 mm lens, which is a basic, everyday lens.  i think people see around 50 mm.  but i didn’t stop there.  as soon as i went for the purchase, amazon’s “save $89 instantly” disappeared, and was replaced with a “save $100 with the purchase of a second lens.”  ok, amazon, twist my arm, why don’t you?

now enter the 75-300 mm telephoto lens.  completely unnecessary at the time of my purchase, but really, so was my whole purchase.  i waited about a week to unpack it, and then took really worthless shots with it.  like my back neighbor’s frill fromt my front door.  :-p  i played with it for the whole weekend; it was a lot of fun.

we ventured outside for a walk when i was playing with it, but the windchill was 13*F, i believe.  so after three shots down the road, i ran away like a baby.  it will be so much fun to watch my nephew and nieces play sports now!!!  i guess i’ll have to go to more than two soccer games this year.

and now, it’s got a beautiful traveling home (another grand camera idea stolden from ms. edible perspective, where a lot of my excitement for beautiful, simple photography has come from).

made by robyn porteen.  i love it… and may have used it for weeks as my handbag.  i had better photos, but i think they were deleted.  i’ll work on it.

currently, i should be in new orleans snapping away to my heart’s content.  ciao.