1. i have packed for NOLA.  and i didn’t have anxiety, or stand over my suitcase feeling confused for any length of time.  🙂  and i think it’s all going to fit without checking any bags.
  2. freaks and geeks is on IFC.
  3. i wasn’t 100% enthralled in the bean trees yet, so i picked up eat, pray, love.  i want a book that i can’t bear to part with, in case i need solo entertainment.  i know everyone loves it…  that’s probably what made me skeptical.  0.6 pages in, i was laughing hysterically in the break room over breakfast.
  4. i knew the final jeopardy question (for maybe the third time ever).  watson did not.  i’ll give you a clue.  “toronto” was not the u.s. city they were looking for.  but chicago was!  oh, yeah.  {Its largest airport was named for a World War II hero; its second for a World War II battle.}