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this morning, i woke up to a gorgeous view behind our house, and birds flocking over my head.

i lazed about all morning with a big mug of coffee, and watched never let me go (definitely go for the book. the movie was not bad, and had an awesome cast.  i’m just biased).  then i headed to the gym for a good, fun stint on the cross trainer.  when i came home, i had a sort of valentine’s-themed lunch.  a big one.

vega vanilla chai, 0.75 cup almond milk, a little bit of guar gum, and crushed ice.

along with strawberries and marshmallow dip (a long-running v-day tradition from my dad).  also along with a great bowl of chocolate oatmeal (which was much bigger than the bowl implies): 1/3 cup rolled oats, 0.75 cup almond milk, 0.5 cup water, 0.5 tbsp chia seeds, tsp cocoa powder, and cocoa-roasted almonds.

the rest of my dad’s v-day tradition used to be three lobster tails.  now he fixes two, and looks at me sadly as i eat my own dinner with them.

i had wheat pasta (shoprite store brand, which is the most delicious, only entirely whole wheat pasta brand i have found), cannellini beans, and red sauce with green peper, onion, red wine, and diced tomatoes.  and mama let me have some amazing asparagus spears in olive oil and garlic.

i am about to go round it off with a creme puff.  thanks, papa!