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in honor of probably having some excesses next weekend (ON VACATION!!!!), i think i will be much happier about it if i get myself in a healthy state of mind before we depart. it’s been a really difficult week or two for me and food. a little bit out of control, and i don’t like it. but am i just making it harder on myself? maybe it can be just be as simple as saying, “i’m going to have an awesome, healthy week of plain and simple foods.”

i tried my first pilates class yesterday at the gym! it was not nearly as impossible as i thought it might be. sort of like a yoga, less mindful, really nice ab workout.

i got to my sandwich craving when i got home. after giving up on making a lengthy recipe with it, i decided to slice up the seitan i cooked a few days ago.

on an everything bagel thin, with soy provolone cheese and tomato paste.

later yesterday, i was going to a benefit with two of my friends from weight watchers.  before i started getting ready for going out, i started feeling like snacking. i tried to make a good decision instead of many, many poor ones (like i have for the past two weeks). it took about two minutes, and was pretty tasty.

2 tbsp oat bran, 0.25 cup water, 0.5 tsp stevia. microwaved until it was thick. 2 tbsp pb2 powder, tsp cocoa powder, tbsp water. mixed it all up. topped it with a splash of almond milk and a few crumbles (maybe 0.5 tbsp) of my extra-hard homemade cashew butter.

i didn’t think to get out my camera at the benefit because it was pretty dark and not much was going on.  i took several incognito photos of fran‘s husband ralph drawing, and teaching some things to debbie.