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i was not planning on posting tonight, and instead just spend my time blog-hopping and commenting on everyone else’s lovely friday posts. but i was inspired by ms. janae. i’m keeping it super straight-forward.

friday favorites:

  • downloading love and other drugs. (yes, i am prepared to bawl like a baby. but i would not want to do it in front of other humans. so i’m also really excited to watch it alone, under my covers, with my fancy noise-canceling headphones.)
  • anticipating my vacation next week! new orleans, here i come. without work. (or our catered balcony on bourbon street.) what ever will i do with all my time? (hurricanes? no, not me. never.)
  • remaining hopeful for a healthy week of eating, even after one of my unhealthiest in quite a while.
  • my camera. i do not use it nearly as much as i would like to, or really understand it yet. but i have it to play with. and i really have a great time with it when i give myself the chance.
  • valentine’s plans with one of my dearest friends (who has a boyfriend, and consequently was out of the running to be my valentine…  or more accurately, make me hers).  i got the text message “will you be my valentine” earlier this week.  we have since made plans while include white pizza with broccoli and tomato, mozzarella sticks, bruschetta, dawson’s creek, red wine, and mcdonald’s ice cream cones.  hollaaaaa.
  • raising money little bits at a time with my bake sales for relay for life.  it makes me feel so good.  a few months ago, when my cupcakes were not a success, something like three different people approached me at work with donations and thanks for supporting the cause, because it was so important to them.  it was incredible to hear their stories.