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i had plans to go to north jersey to visit my old roommates, but it was postponed because the weather looked so bad.

saturday morning, i had breakfast with my weight watchers friends after our meeting.  very good–two eggs over medium, wheat toast for dipping, some citrus fruit, and delicious coffee.  right from there (and with a little rushing instead of chatting over a third cup of coffee), i got a haircut.  still interested to see how it will look when i style it myself.

i got home, where i mistakenly left my phone, and found out that plans were back on because the weather was holding up.  i went to the grocery store to get ingredients for this week…  i will follow recipes!  it’s a big moment.  it really has been a long time since i’ve followed a plan to make a meal.  baking, yes.  but i haven’t gone for a specific end-result dinner in way too long.

i packed, and headed for the turnpike.

the weekend was so wonderful.

saturday was girls’ night.  we went to the cutest italian place for pizzas, pasta, and bruschetta.

please make what you will of this wine's name. i caused a slight scene over it at the restaurant.


then we settled back in their house for drinks, dancing in the living room, and singing many 90s songs louder than i ever thought possible.

today we ate bagels and picked up coffees, and later we headed a little bit south for a super bowl party.

our hostess for the evening just found out i was vegetarian yesterday…  even though i was already veg by her wedding last summer.  (i just figured out it’s almost been two years!  it does not seem that long.  but it will be two years in april.)  i told her to please not worry about me, but in addition to cheesy corn dip, cut veggies, and pepper & onion focaccia, she made a broccoli quiche so i would have something to eat!  it was out of control.  but all fantastic.

go packers!!!  (though, i really don’t care either way…  i’m not entirely fond of the steelers. and i wanted to send a little company out to one of my coworkers from wisconsin.  he was cheering all alone.)

food plans for the week that i am most excited for include… oat bran, which i bought on a complete whim at the amish market saturday morning, and because of miss almond butter… chili, because i haven’t tried more than once to make it since going vegetarian, and it’s never come out well…  and jambalaya, vegetarian, seitan-filled jambalaya.

final goal for the evening: bedtime in t minus 8 minutes.  aside from all the wonderful, i slept sort of miserably last night.  shocking, i know.  haha.