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today was sort of like yesterday’s take two…  and i didn’t even notice.

nothing to pull away from the food doledrums, but it all tasted good.  bigger plans in the future, i guess.

breakfast was another overnight oats situation.  i at least got to the grocery store for some greek yogurt so i could make it just how i wanted.

i wish the photos did this justice.  so good.  it was creamy, sweet, satisfying, and filled with strawberries!  (trivia: strawberry was going to be the center of my blog name, before this one hit me.  i love this one.  but it’s just proof that strawberries = wonderful for me.)

in the mix: 1/3 cup plain nonfat greek yogurt.  1/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  1/3 cup rolled oats.  tsp chia seeds.  handful sliced strawberries (which thaw overnight while stewing).

and hilariously, dinner was another round of egg beaters.  today, i did allow for a little stove time.  this was thanks in part to the wine i opened while i let it heat up.

green pepper and spinach cooked up.

then 1/2 cup egg beaters and raw sharp cheddar cheese.

i’ve given up on trying to prepare people for my ketchup consumption.  it might not be pretty, but darned if it isn’t spectacular.

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I had such a fun horoscope today! I don’t really take stock in them, but I read them to see if they’re funny or interesting, or have good advice.

You could feel clever throughout the day, as if a magical potion somehow made you more intelligent. But don’t get so enamored with your ability to maneuver around any problem, for rational thinking can be a trap of its own. Instead of relying on cool logic, let your passions take you on a wild ride so you can see a different path into your future.

give up rational thinking and let my passions take over?  don’t mind if i do.