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breakfast today was stupendous.

overnight oats.  included: a cup of almond milk, 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/2 tbsp chia seeds, and some frozen mango chunks. very delicious. i enjoyed these over a breakfast break at work… where i came to a funny epiphany.

i read 284 pages of stephen king’s the eyes of the dragon. most of it more than a year ago. then i threw the book away.  it was the most liberating thing i’ve done all day. i don’t like it. and i don’t like stephen king.  it’s amazing that i was still trying to make myself get through the damned thing.  for what?  that led to an overarching decision–i’m going to give up on whatever books i don’t like.  i got in a big rut trying to check off all the ones i started.  but i’m not having a good time with a lot of them.  not saying those will get thrown in the trash… but i’ll at least hand them off and be done with them.  🙂  after never let me go, i want them all to be winners.

but i digress.

other than breakfast foods, i’ve been finding myself very bored with the foods in my rotation recently.  i realize this means i should just get in the kitchen and cook more often.  but i’ve also been trying to make sure i wait until i’m hungry, and by the time i venture in, i’m starving and everything sounds good, as long as i can eat it straight away.

dinner was assembled in approximately three minutes.  good, but i’m still bored.

egg beaters, cooked with some baby spinach leaves, on an everything bagel thin, with a chipotle laughing cow cheese wedge and a mozzarella, sun-dried tomato, & basil wedge.  i miss light swiss.  i used to eat them with everything.  but i have several containers of these ‘new’ flavors i am determined to love on something.

and of course, it was all basically a vehicle for some ketchup.  actually, the chipotle cheese tasted too spicy without it.  overall, it was really good. my dad and i took turns ‘mmm’ing each other out.

and this is papa’s dinner, snapped incognito… until he heard the click.  haha.  i threatened him about including it, but promised it was just his food.

i need to also find a delicious way to incorporate some sauerkraut into my life.  stinky, and gross, but so, so good with some mashed potatoes.  :-p

i guess my own personal operation boredom is going to be more drawn out than everyone else’s.  i just realized the other day that when i’m planning meals and getting ideas, i think about what i have on hand, instead of writing lists from recipes.  and if i’m in a cookbook, and a recipe has too many ingredients i don’t have, i just go past it.  i think something is awry with this system.  i will work on that for next week… maybe.